Crafted herbal teas for focus, energy and rest 

Vibrant flowers and fresh herbs of unparalleled quality are carefully blended to create a one-of-a-kind tea that looks, tastes and smells wonderful – then it makes you feel great. We grow in mixed plantings, the way you would find in nature, then hand harvest and dry the best plants in small batches to preserve the medicinal benefits and exquisite flavor. I don't use synthetic inputs in my field or put flavor additives in the tea; I don't need to because I cooperate with nature.  It’s the finest herbal tea I can produce, and the best you can brew.


Grown Naturally

We grow our herbs in poly-cultures in biologically active soils.  Minimal fertilizer and irrigation makes heartier, more potent herbs.

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handled with care

We dry our herbs at low temperatures and process by hand and with custom built machines to produce dry herbs of uncommon quality.


Fresh from the farm

No flavor additives in our tea!  Only premium quality dry herbs.  Other herbal teas don't compare. Learn more about how we grow.