See and Taste the Difference

What's in your teabag?  Have you thought about it?  Most people don't ever open up their tea bags to see what's inside. Take a look at our nighttime blend, Dream, next to what you probably consider to be one of the nicer teas at the local grocery.  No photo tricks, these pictures were taken from the same distance.

a jar of Our nighttime blend: Dream

Herbs are magical.  We take extra care to make sure the california poppy, fragrant hyssop, milky oats and other herbs are kept intact to maintain their natural qualities. These were almost all grown and harvested last summer, right on our farm in Wisconsin.

a box of leading Brand nighttime tea

No, this isn't sawdust. It's what's inside an entire box of a leading brand of herbal teabags. These herbs are pounded into oblivion, shipped from across the world, irradiated and warehoused for months, sometimes years. It might taste okay, but only because of the added flavors.

Premium Bulk Herbs


In addition to premium herbal tea blends, Sacred Blossom Farm also produces a limited quantity of premium bulk botanicals. 

If you require larger quantities of any dried or fresh herb, please contact us about contract growing them for you.

We provide superior quality locally grown herbs at competitive prices. 

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See what makes our farm different


Stewarding The Land Together

We are located in Wisconsin’s beautiful bluff country between the villages of Gilmanton and Lookout.  The land is rented to us by Crazy Rooster Farm to whom we are eternally grateful.   We're working together to continue to nurture the soil and encourage wildlife in order to create a permaculture paradise.

The soil on the farm is minerally balanced sandy loam, ideal for herb production.  No synthetic inputs have been used on the farm since 1992. We are eligible for organic certification, but at this time we are choosing not to become certified as “organic” is only a small part of what differentiates us. We’re certified by our integrity and by the close relationships we have with our neighbors, friends and customers. Anyone can see for themselves how we grow and process our products and decide if our practices meet their expectations for health, safety and ecological stewardship.  Visit us at our field day on June 17th or send Tony an email and set up a time to see the farm -

Contract Growing


We grow in poly-cultures in highly living soil to produce herbs of uncommon quality.  Are you an herbalist looking for 5 or more pounds of Sacred Quality herbs?  Contact Tony for information on custom grows.