Stewarding The Land Together

We are located in Wisconsin’s beautiful bluff country between the villages of Gilmanton and Lookout.  The land is rented to us by Crazy Rooster Farm to whom we are eternally grateful.   We're working together to continue to nurture the soil and encourage wildlife in order to create a permaculture paradise.

The soil on the farm is minerally balanced sandy loam, ideal for herb production.  No synthetic inputs have been used on the farm since 1992. We are eligible for organic certification, but at this time we are choosing not to become certified as “organic” is only a small part of what differentiates us. We’re certified by our integrity and by the close relationships we have with our neighbors, friends and customers. Anyone can see for themselves how we grow and process our products and decide if our practices meet their expectations for health, safety and ecological stewardship.  Visit us at our field day on June 17th or send Tony an email and set up a time to see the farm -