Our Philosophy

We believe in viriditas, the magical healing properties of plants.  In time, as our science matures, we may come to better understand how organic compounds influence our lives and well being. 

Plant compounds are not simple.  To say that a plants beneficial action is the result of one or two simplified compounds is equivalent to saying that a human is the simple result of flesh and bone; there is a lot more to it than that.

20% of plant energy goes into growth and tissue production but 80%, the vast majority of energy produced through photosynthesis is used to produce carbohydrates, sugars and proteins which are injected into the soil via the roots in order to directly feed the soil microbiology.

Soil microbiology is the key to both sustainable agriculture and producing the most nutrient dense foods.

Mono-cultures above ground lead to a limited variety of soil biota below ground.  Complex, densely planted poly-cultures (as are typically found in nature) inject a vastly more varied array of nutrients into the soil which in turn permits for a much broader and deeper microbial population. 

Uncompacted, deeply airated soils provide double or triple (or even more) soil volume for microbes and plant roots to colonize.  Minimizing soil disturbance caused by tillage allows longer cycled soil fungal life to emerge and play its crucial roll.  Long cycle rotations and applications of mineral products like sea solids help by providing an even wider variety of foods and nutrients available to the the microbes. 

Soil biology unlocks nutrients and makes them available to the plants.  Applications of organic N, P and K are minimized or eliminated.  More importantly is the myriad of compounds and micronutrients that our western science is just now becoming aware of.  These micronutrients, which are made plant available only through alchemy in the soil, are key to producing healthy, robust plants replete with secondary plant compounds. 

Secondary plant compounds derived from biologically active soils are the basis of effective plant medicine. 

Healthy Planet > Healthy Soil > Healthy Plants > Healthy People > Healthy Planet

If the nutrients are not in the soil they won't be in the plant.

If the nutrients are not in the plant they won't become a part of our bodies.