See and Taste the Difference

What's in your teabag?  Have you thought about it?  Most people don't ever open up their tea bags to see what's inside. Take a look at our nighttime blend, Dream, next to what you probably consider to be one of the nicer teas at the local grocery.  No photo tricks, these pictures were taken from the same distance.

a jar of Our nighttime blend: Dream

Herbs are magical.  We take extra care to make sure the california poppy, fragrant hyssop, milky oats and other herbs are kept intact to maintain their natural qualities. These were almost all grown and harvested last summer, right on our farm in Wisconsin.

a box of leading Brand nighttime tea

No, this isn't sawdust. It's what's inside an entire box of a leading brand of herbal teabags. These herbs are pounded into oblivion, shipped from across the world, irradiated and warehoused for months, sometimes years. It might taste okay, but only because of the added flavors.